iGurt - Set 4 (iGurt electronics, fixed end with short lever ratchet and 9.5 m loose end)


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The iGurt from BPW: Intelligent load securing

BPW order number: 99.00.605112

Safety in transport and logistics can be this simple: The iGurt - the intelligent system for securing loads from BPW - shows the pre-tensioning force applied during lashing with an LED display on the device directly on the tensioning belt. The driver is informed before departure whether the load is adequately secured. During the journey, the iGurt system communicates via Bluetooth with an app on an Android-enabled smartphone or tablet in the cab.

The app is available free of charge in the google playstore.

Further information on the iGurt can be found at: https://www.bpw.de/en/products/digital-solutions/bpw-igurt.

Early alarm prevents transport damage

The iGurt detects loose straps at an early stage and alerts the driver via the iGurt app. In this way, damage to the load and accidents caused by unsecured loads can be avoided. And all of this in just a few simple steps: the iGurt can be easily attached to the strap *. The operation of the app is intuitive. The robust and impact-resistant housing of the iGurt is designed for continuous use in the trailer. The batteries last around a year in normal operation.

All the advantages of the iGurt at a glance

  • Display of pre-tensioning forces during lashing
  • Monitoring of the pre-tensioning forces while driving on a mobile device
  • Continuous control prevents damage to the cargo
  • Alarm when the tension on the tensioning belt changes
  • Increasing road safety

* The iGurt system must be operated together with the Dolezych tensioning strap (fixed end and loose end). These are included in the set.


The pictures are application examples.

The warranty period for the iGurt system ends after 12 months from the date of delivery.

The general terms and conditions of BPW Bergische Achsen Kommanditgesellschaft can be found here.

iGurt electronics:

Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 35mm
Weight: ca. 200g
Protection class: IP 6K4K
Functional range: -20 ° C to + 45 ° C (housing and electronics are non-destructive at -40 ° C to + 85 ° C)
Batteries: 3 x AAA
Communication: Bluetooth LE
App: Android devices (available in the Playstore and as APK at https://www.bpw.de/produkte/digitale-loesungen/bpw-igurt)
Approvals: CE
WEEE Reg.-No .: DE64598241
BPW item no .: 02.0130.96.20
Only permitted with the belt provided (included in the set)!

Fixed end:

Dolezych lashing strap made of 100% polyester
Length = 0.50 m
DoZurr 5000 FE: DoMulti and profile hooks,
Standard short lever push ratchet
LC = 2500 daN
50 mm webbing width
Webbing color MARCH GREEN
Elongation <5%
STF = 300 daN
with marking for iGurt positioning
BPW item no .: 02.1420.23.00

Loose end:

Dolezych lashing strap made of 100% polyester
Length = 9.50 m
DoZurr 5000 LE: with profile hook
LC = 2500 daN
50 mm webbing width
Webbing color MARCH GREEN
Elongation <5%
BPW item no .: 02.0130.03.30


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