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tiramizoo is the first transport management system specialized in urban logistics


tiramizoo helps: Optimizing routes, digitizing processes, relieving drivers and dispatchers as well as reducing fleet costs and CO2 emissions. Compared with "traditional" TMS, tiramizoo takes the special features of inner-city logistics into account.

This is characterised by, among other things, high stop density, multi-variant transfer processes, small shipments or even complicated routings, etc.


What in particular makes the tiramizoo route algorithm unique? tiramizoo optimizes up to tens of thousands of orders in just a few minutes, taking into account a large number of (customer-specific) restrictions: Does the recipient live on the ground floor or on an upper floor? With or without an elevator? Can the goods be delivered to a neighbour? Corona: IT-side display of contactless handover! Can the parcel be dropped off in a van? Consideration of returns! Delivery by cargo bicycle or van? Traffic jams and one-way streets? Etc.


There are currently 3 products available:

"Route Optimizer": For integrators and shippers/logisticians who are exclusively interested in the tiramizoo module of route planning; pure order data processing via interface.

"Delivery Manager": The customer-specific customized tiramizoo-TMS operated by tiramizoo.

"Last Mile Master": The complete tiramizoo-TMS from order entry and route planning to the driver app and reporting as an independent SaaS platform.

  • Cloud based SAAS platform
  • TLS 1.2 infrastructure

  • AWS storage (EU locations)

  • Automated scanning of new code

  • Automated security layer screen, continuously monitoring the operation

  • Regular third-party penetration tests

  • Passed security audits at Daimler, Zalando, Shell and other major companies 

  • Driver app available for iOS and Android
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